Over time, Amelia (Regourd Aviation group) has developed a unique experience and expertise in maintaining and operating an aircraft fleet. We are familiar with all fields of action, from Europe to Africa, and all types of operations, from VIP to charter flights, including medical evacuation.

The Amelia International (ex-Aero4M) team, one of Amelia’s subsidiaries, helps you to set up:

  • An EASA Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
  • An EASA Part M - CAMO organisation
  • An EASA Part 145 Maintenance organisation for Base or Line maintenance

Our approach is fully customizable and covers the entire certification process from organizational set-up, preparation of documents, certification application, staff training and hands-on support at the start of operations.

We have a proven track record of successfully leading our clients to certification:

  • 4x Air Operator Certificate
  • 6x Continuing Airworthiness Management organisation under EASA Part M
  • 5x Part145 MRO for complex aircraft, general aviation and helicopters
Two mechanics working

We also offer services in expert consulting for complex situations across the operational areas such as:

  • Aircraft management consulting
  • Import and ARC acquisition for Aircraft from 3rd countries
  • Resolution of complex authority findings
  • Specific document/manual preparation
  • Performance turnaround planning and support and execution
  • Short time replacement of a nominated person

Our vast experience and our knowledgeable team allow us to help you with your challenges. Please feel free to contact us even if your exact situation is not listed above. We will evaluate how we can best support you.