Business trips

Discover our exceptional business aircraft for your trips from the Congo. Travel in the utmost comfort and greatest confidentiality.

Our flights combine luxury, flexibility and timeliness

We offer a fleet made up of highest quality regional aircraft which are maintained by our teams. Our cabins reflects our business aviation DNA through its interior design and style.


Created in 2008, Equajet markets the business aviation services of the Group’s operators: Equaflight and Amelia. The fleet it proposes is composed of several exceptional types of aircraft. Equajet responds, with innovative and personalised solutions, to the requirements of its customers by combining safety, high standards and punctuality.
Equajet’s relationships with its customers and partners are based on quality service and are based on trust and long-term relationships. Equajet organizes 24-hour flights to all destinations from Congo.

They trust us:

Our aircraft respect the European criteria and constraints. All aircraft are monitored and maintained by our European subsidiaries according to EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) norms. Daily maintenance is relocated where our planes fly, with base maintenance taking place in our hangar.

Africa and Amelia (Regourd Aviation Group) share a long common history. 

We have been present in the Congo for almost 30 years and have cultivated privileged relationships with industrial actors and local governments.