Staff logistics

We help your teams to get to work quickly and safely. We carry teams from 37 to 250 people to relieve flight crews, manage rotations or visit subsidiaries.

We transit your teams towards their work location :

An A319-115 for long-haul staff rotations

An Embraer 145 for short and medium-haul staff rotations

We offer recent regional aircraft, equipped to the best standards and maintained with attention.

Our aircraft respect the European criteria and constraints. All aircraft are monitored and up-kept by our European subsidiaries according to EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) norms. 

Daily maintenance is delocalised where our planes fly, with base maintenance taking place centrally in our hangar.

We are already operating:​

We have a great experience on difficult fields and have been working with oil majors in Africa for many years, on multi-year contracts. We put forward our European standards, which we tie with our flexibility to respond to local demands.